Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Alexander

My Sweet Cuddlebug, Alexander.  Today is your third birthday.  Three years since I held you outside the womb... since your soccer legs kicked their way into this world in a breech birth... since you curled up inside the warmth of your father's hands and fell asleep...  Three years of sleep... Of missing... Of wanting... Of loving...

Your peace still radiates in our home and our lives.  The gifts you gave us simply by being our son make their ways known in the things we do as we traverse our journey here on earth.  My gift... My peace bringer...  How much I will always be thankful for you as my son, words will never be able to express.

While your older siblings have always come to me in the rain, I feel you more in the breeze.  Sometimes it is a cool burst of air on a hot summer run...  Othertimes a deep inhale of icy frost as I walk to the postbox...  But always there... Always with me...  (And, whenever the street lights flash during my runs, I always know for sure, that you my little soccer player, are running the miles alongside me.)

Three years since the pushes that brought you here... Since the time that you held on for days, against all the odds...  Since you gave us hope and peace and strength that we didnt know even existed.

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy.  I love you so much.


Jessica said...

Thinking of you and Alexander today...wishing you a happy and peaceful 3rd birthday with more smiles than tears..

Hillary said...

Crying and praying for you this morning.