Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two Week Wait

No, not that kind of 2WW.  It's 2 weeks until the second annual Robert's Run, as part of the 2011 Alex's Lemonade Stand Lemon Run in Philadelphia! 

This year, the run has a special meaning to us.  One of our priest's, Fr. B., shared the news that his cousin's son was fighting neuroblastoma.  At Mass last weekend, he shared the news that this special, 7 year old boy had been given hours to live and that the family was preparing for his final moments.  Another family, the cusp of Halloween, buring a beloved, 7 year old boy who was taken from them by this despicable cancer that strikes children of all ages, races, and backgrounds.  Neuroblastoma (which one could argue for most cancers) doesn't descriminate.  And it's still deadly.  Just as it was almost a quarter centry ago to Robert and as it has been this year to Christopher.  And to many, countless others.

Running in 2 weeks wont stop this disease in a day.  It wont mitigate the hurt that families like ours and Alex's and Christopher's endure with the gaping hole that their loved one left by their death.  But running- and donating towards Alex's Lemonade Stand- brings awareness to this heartless killer and it makes research into a cure a possibility.

One day... One day, we will stop this monster.

One day... A child won't be sentenced to a shorter life by this diagnosis.

One day... Runs like this will be more full of "running in honor of" instead of "running in memory of" athletes.

One day... Our children's children will talk about neuroblastoma the way we talk about polio.  It WAS a disease that harmed thousands, but it's NOT any longer.

One day... Can you help make that one day just one day closer?  Lace up your shoes and run or walk with us, or make a donation to help.  2 weeks to go!!

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