Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just Another Type of Good Weather

Even though I'm not actively training for anything, I'm still running and the easiest time to do it is in the early morning. 

Of course, early mornings now are special... It's still dark... There are stars and the moon instead of a rising sun... And it's cold (ish).

And today, it was not only cold but raining!

So, I'm up and dressed in layers... in the cold... in the rain.  I admit; I turned around right after leaving the driveway, but ultimately decided to keep going.  I only ran 2miles (and in 18 minutes... freezing and wet will do that!), then came home to a piping hot cup of black coffee...  Mmmm.... Good to be home...

1 comment:

Ms. J said...

You reinforced the habit - that's EXTREMELY important!!!

Peanut's crap sleeping has me out of habit right now, grrrr. But I am still watching what I eat and maintaining my weight.