Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eating and Cooking And Eating And...

Yesterday.. Not my finest moment when it comes to eating.  I'm not ready to talk about what led me to consume 3500 calories (most of those before noon), but suffice it to say, not my greatest day yesterday.  Did I mention I didnt run or work out?  That doesnt bode well, either.

Today, different story.  After an hour on the elliptical (which I love to do when it's raining and I dont want to get soaked running) while the world was still dark, I spent the morning getting loved on before we went to the supermarket to pick up some odds and ends that I needed to go with my farmer's market dinner for tonight.  We've been living at the local farmer's market on Saturday mornings and our week is full of delicious, local foods. I LOVE IT.  I'm sad that it is soon coming to an end.  Tonight's masterpiece?  Duck.  Cranberry glazed duck to be precise.  My house smells delicious.

In between homeschooling, playing, snuggling, and everything else in the day, I've been cooking all day.  I find I actually eat less (and am less inclined to eat regardless of my emotions) when I'm busy cooking in the kitchen.  When the adoption failed over the summer, I cooked all day for several days. (Peter's coworkers REALLY liked me).  It helped.  It's therapy (although, depending on what I'm making, it isn't altogether inexpensive... better to keep it to making family meals!).

The day has flown by today.  The cooking is to blame, I think...  Love it.  It's wonderful!  (What's kind of sad? We're down to one apple...  Farmer's Market is Saturday... Maya wants that apple...  Guess I'd better wash it and hand it over, and realize that while she may share with her brother, she wont let me come near the apple she's noshing... Not sure how that happened!)

Speaking of the drama queen, this afternoon, while Bobby was nestled in his bed and gently napping, Maya punked me.  I kissed her, she snuggled with her stuff, all was well...  I hear her sleep sheep click on and think nothing of it.   She does this all the time.  I'm in the living room writing out monthly bills and all is quiet.  Oops!  Forgot stamps!  Need to go to our bedroom... And what do I find?  Maya.  She has pulled EVERYTHING out of Peter's nightstand, stacking it all in neat little piles on his side of the bed.  Did I mention our bedroom has a gate on it?  She got out of her bed and into our room without making a sound, with only her sleep sheep (and the music I play during naptime) to cover her sounds. 

That child is SNEAKY!  (In addition to being annoyed, I do have to admit that I was quiet proud...) ;)

Not to leave him out, Bobby likes to 'meditate' with me.  I sit in lotus and chant, he climbs into my lap, plants a big (wet) kiss, and hugs me like he's never going to see me again.  I meditate A LOT more often than I used to!!! :)  That kid is snuggles on 2 legs.  LOVE IT!


Hillary said...

I'm with you in the cooking department! Nothing makes me feel quite as good as putting a yummy meal together.

And now you are making me think.. hmm homemade Chili sounds good for tonight!


ccc said...

Your children sound so loving! Must learn it from somewhere :)