Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not My Shining Moment

Yesterday was NOT my shining moment as a mother.  I mean, really... It was bad.

The morning was normal.  The kids got up, played, had breakfast, and took an hour long nap.  My MIL came over to do morning nap and help out so that I could pack up some things.  Then, the afternoon hit. At lunch time, Bobby gagged himself twice to the point of puking.  I know that it is considered "age appropriate" and is a bid for attention, but it still bothers me to no end!  And, because he knows this, he freaking laughs at me!!!  DRIVES ME BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, I get them in the tub, Maya gets washed and out so MIL can dry her/dress her, and then Bobby pukes again!  In the tub!  I get him cleaned up and dressed and playing so that I can clean up the mess...  Get that squared away.  As we wind into afternoon nap time, they both fall asleep and I decide to take Maya upstairs.  She slept two whole minutes before she was done and awake.  And she refused to go back to sleep.  Bobby slept fifteen minutes in his bed, but overall, p.m. naptime was a bust.  And it showed.  The late afternoon was nonstop chaos and crying.  By the time Peter got home, I was ready to throw my hands up and cry like they were!  He fed the kids dinner and kept them occupied and I went for a 2.5 mile run with Sarah.  It was so nice to get out in the blissful, fall evening, with the wind in my hair and the smell of impending rain.  We even finished our run with some light kisses from heaven!  Coming home, I was much better.  But OMG- it was a nutball of a day!

Tuesday will be better... Tuesday will be better... Tuesday will be better...

(And, craziness, 3 more days until Settlement!)

Update @ 9am:  Apparently my cries to the Universe went unanswered because Bobby woke up at 3:30am with NO intention of going back to sleep.  Since we didnt fall asleep until 1am, that meant less than 3 hours of sleep.  At one point, I just broke down and cried I was so tired.  Then, at 4:30am, Maya woke up crying (probably because Bobby woke her up).  I climbed into bed with her and she was out in a few minutes.  I heard Peter bring Bobby to his bed, but by that point, I was falling asleep too.  I woke up this morning to Maya's smiling face and Bobby making kiss noises.  So far... So good... They ate breakfast and are watching some Kung Fu Panda before naptime.  Hopefully things will go up!


Aisha said...

Awwww, while it sounds like a very rough day- it doesn't sound like you were being a bad mom, or a "non shining" moment- sorry for the tough day but glad you are feeling better now. I hope Tues will be better :)

(PS: Just so you know you're inspiring me w/ the weight loss post- I look forward to getting updates from you as I myself decide to change)

Sophie said...

Lol. If it makes you feel better at all, this sounds pretty normal to me. There will be days like this to come.

Sorry I'm not commenting much. My blogs are on a new program and its difficult to navigate. Getting there slowly but surely.


Tamar said...

Those days are hard, I know. Have you thought about babywearing? The Ergo is great for that age, and I've seen people wear one baby in the front and one baby in the back.If you contact the company they may give you a discount for twins. I've had mine for 4+ years, and I use it now with my 10 month old. I would say at least half of her naps are in the Ergo. Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions.

Reba said...

oh my goodness! it all sounds very familiar!! naomi as you know has been waking up way too early too. and she also went through the gagging phase. i just completely ignored it (cleaned her up without saying a word about it) and she stopped very quickly.