Saturday, October 30, 2010


(This post is a scheduled post, as we are currently in the throws of moving into our new home!)

We've had a lot of changes over the last few months.  As I've blogged before, Peter is a scientist who works for a well known pharmaceutical company.  Before we started looking for a house, his company bought another company and there was talk of consolidating departments.  His department was rumored to be safe, so we didnt really worry.  And then, Peter got an email from a former boss who had gone to another large pharmaceutical company, asking if he'd be interested in interviewing there.  And the next day, it hit the fan.  Peter's department was being consolidated... in California.

It was news we weren't expecting.  I'll admit it.  I cried.  What were we going to do?  Move?  We talked about it.  And we decided that we weren't moving.  Peter called his former boss and soon the ball was rolling on a new job.  We decided that, if we were indeed staying, we'd better seriously put down roots and just buy a home instead of renting.  In a matter of weeks, we'd found our home and started working on the paperwork that is buying a house and Peter was offered a promotion at a new, well known pharma co.  We are lucky because we wont lose any pay during the transition, thanks to his severance, and that there was no lag in him getting a new position (although, from what I've heard, he wouldnt have been without a job, he would simply have been in a new department).

But, I'm sad that this phase is coming to an end.  His department was so good to us.  After Nicholas was born and I was on bedrest with Sophia, Peter was home.  His bosses said "Don't worry."  And, we didnt.  They took care of us, like companies of old were expected to do.  After Sophia was born, we came home to a beautiful arrangement of flowers.  And later, a card with a large donation (collected from his department) for our area EMS, in memory of the kids.  And then, so many people from his department came to the Memorial Service.  They mourned with us.  And, when we were pregnant with Alexander, even though it came as a shock because no one found out until a short time before he was born, they were happy and then shocked as I was admitted to the hospital in preterm labor (to which, once again, they told Peter not to worry about his job, no matter how long it took).  When he was born, once again they sent a beautiful arrangement to the house with one of the most thoughtful cards we have ever received.  And, as they had before, several came to the service and mourned with us.

With Bobby and Maya, although I'm sure his coworkers were worried for us, they were nonetheless happy for us and, after the kids were born, were always asking about them.  Several came to their baptism and birthday.  And we have some great friends that Peter met there.

I'm sorry to see that end, even though I know we'll stay friends with people.  It's just sad to be leaving a department that legitimately cared.  Because I know that, if they treated us that way, then they are bound to have treated others with care, too.  And that gives me faith in the human race... That people can come together to care for one another and their families.

We are excited about this new change and what it means for us.  I'm happy for Peter and where this road will take him.  Maybe it will lead him back to his old company or maybe he will move up the ranks of his new company.  I dont know... But we are positive.  And so grateful that, in this current economy, we are able to provide for our family with one parent at home.

But, I'll miss them.  :)  Here's to a great group of scientists (and administrative staff).  I hope that their paths are bright and that they are always shown the same compassion that they showed us.


Deni said...

Beautiful post and a wonderful attitude! Change is never easy, but I am confident that God always knows exactly what He's doing, even if it takes us a while to 'get it'!! Wishing you much happiness in your new home and your hubby much success and happiness at his new job!

Anonymous said...

Employer support is crucial when dealing with pregnancy after loss. I am so thankful Mike's employer has been so flexible with us while I have been on bedrest. I am sure it is hard to change. *hugs* Congrats on the new house :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I know that I don't like change. Sounds like God has blessed you over the years but has also given you a wonderful blessing with another job.