Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trip to the Hospital-as visitors

Last night, my mother-in-law was taken by ambulance to a local hospital.  Her blood pressure had been high all day, she started having pains in her arm, and was light-headed.  We visited last night, and the doctors feared she might stroke.  The tests they ran were negative, as were the ones they followed up with this morning, and she's been diagnosed with severe migraine.  She used to get them regularly, but it has been years and this one really hit her hard.  She's still at the hospital and is expected to be discharged tomorrow.  Please keep her in your prayers for health.

When we visited today, the kids were so excited to see her!  Bobby nearly climbed out of the stroller and, once he had her in an embrace, he screamed when I had to take him back.  It's amazing to see how much the kids recognize them and want to be with them.  And I know it did her heart good to see them.

UPDATE: Friday, 8/27: Mom is coming home!  

Bobby is in the midst of cutting his seventh tooth; so far his two front bottoms and tops are in, as are the teeth next to each of the middle tops.  Now one next to a middle bottom is popping up.  Maya is content with her four teeth (middles of top and bottom) but you can see the whites of the teeth on either side.  They teethe so differently.  Bobby whines and is miserable; Maya... You wouldnt know she was teething except a new tooth appears!  They are so much like us in so many ways...  (Bobby like his mother in this sense.)

Well, speaking of the papooses, it's time for their lunch!


Ms. J said...

While saddened she is not feeling well, I am so pleased that it was taken seriously and she went to the hospital. Too many people ignore signs - Bobby & Maya need her for many years to come!

trennia said...

praying for her,glad it wasn't a stoke.You should post some toothy pictures,Bobby and Maya are just so adorable!

Terri Jones said...

My prayers for her. Give her my well-wishes. My kids really adored her too!

quadmom said...

Keeping her in my prayers!