Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blogger Issues

If you tried logging onto my blog between last night and this morning, my apologies!  Sarah told me that there was a "blog removed" message and, when I went to check, I got it too!  It seems that Google found "suspicious behavior" from my account and disabled my blogs and email; so I had to log in, change my password, etc.  Man, does that suck!  You never realize how much you rely on your online identity until you cant access email!  (or your blog, LOL!)

EDIT: It looks like my email was hacked into!  If you received spam from me, my apologies.  I did not send anything with regards to an angelfire site.  I'm the third person this week who has had spam sent from their account!  This sucks!

In happier news, I took the jogger out last night.  I ran about two and a half miles, while Peter biked around the park, then we walked a mile together to cool down and relax.  It was tough!  (I will never again think "Wow, if I had a jogger, I could rest on it when I get tired..." instead I will realize that 35lbs of stroller plus X (at this point 35+) pounds of baby equal quite an extra workout!).  But it was nice.  The kids loved being next to each other and they were able to play together.


Tina Pearce said...

I had the same thing strange..

trennia said...

It's sad when people go around hacking peoples stuff! Sorry this happened to you.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It happened to me not even two weeks ago. I was so angry, couldn't do anything. Someone got into my gmail account and send out a bunch of emails that were rejected. Then they turned me off. Went through and had to do the same thing you did. Boy did I miss having it.