Sunday, November 16, 2008

My little girl...

Today, is 9 months since our beautiful Sophia came into our lives! It doesn't feel like 9 months; it either feels like yesterday or forever. I smile at the remembrance and cry at the loss. Our beautiful little girl... Our Gaea Sophia... Our earth wisdom and what wisdom she has been!

I remember thinking, She's Beautiful!!!, as soon as Peter put her in my arms. The world stopped and there was this beautiful, precious little angel in my arms. Her little body was larger than her brother's had been and her little fingers were all curled up. But, perhaps most beautiful, was her smile. She had this open mouthed smile, a little triangle. Like she was laughing. Which made us smile too.

Nine months, my sweet... Tonight, we'll have your special dinner and hunt down a chocolate cake fit for the princess that you are! We'll go see the new 007 movie with your paternal grandpa, who dreamed of taking you and your brother to see it, thrilled that you were going to be born in time for a new one! We'll even record the Giant's game so that we can watch you sprinkle lucky dust over your "favorite team". And they'll win of course, because it's your special day.

9 months... the gestation of a baby in the best case scenario, a lifetime when your baby dies... An eternity when you lose two...

But, for today, we celebrate what was and what might have been, and we have cake!

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