Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

I had the shock of my day today in the doctor's office. Peter and I have been pretty sure the baby was a girl. I dont know why, really, just thought the baby was a she. We knew it was probably too early (14w3d) for anatomy to be clear, so we thought nothing of today's appointment for gender looking. I should have known things would be thrown for a loop today by how easy everything was...

First, no traffic on 76. There is ALWAYS traffic on the Schuylkill. Always. None. We left at 12:45 and got to the hospital at 1:22. This is our best time, beating the traditional 40m it has taken us on the RARE day when no one else is on the road. Our appointment was at 1:45pm, so I went to the bathroom before hand, since we usually wait at least an hour to two hours to see our doc. (It's a long story, but because we are high risk, we need the ultrasound machine, which means additional waiting; add to that the fact that the OBs in Pennsylvania have been on the move and our doctor is now crammed with patients PLUS it seems like everyday we have an appointment someone goes into labor... at least an hour wait...) We get there and the waiting room is empty, save one other patient. Peter laughs that I shouldnt have peed, since I'll probably still have to pee in a cup.

No sooner have I sat down, than the nurse calls us back! And sure enough, I had to pee in the cup. But, oh ye of little faith: I'm pregnant. I can pee on demand! I do my business, return to the u/s room, and Dr. Bailey walks in! It isn't even 1:45 yet! We chat and then move into the ultrasound. As we are discussing how good the heartbeat is(167bpm) and how the baby is very healthy and a good size, etc., he says "Would you like to know the sex of the baby?" We both are stunned and say yes, as our little soccer player continues to toss and turn, legs up in the air. Dr. B. says, with a laugh, "Well, it is VERY apparent," and freezes the image, "that you are having a boy." And then he points out the penis and scrotum! IT WAS AMAZING!!! The baby is tiny still, yet he has a very clear and (when you look at the context of his size) large little penis! And, like his dad and brother, Nicholas, big feet with long toes!!!

We were both shocked a bit. Peter and I both thought girl, but it looks like our little Zoƫ is actually our little Alexander!!! He was very active and, because he didn't mind having his legs over his head (and open), got to see him very clearly a few times. Dr. B. even took a picture, LOL. In addition, we got some great facial shots, and another shot of the baby waving. Peter is supposed to scan these, along with the others from 2w ago, today, but we shall see. I gave him a hard time, as did his parents. Hopefully, that is enough! :-)

My cervix measured better than the last time, at 3.74, and is still in a closed T shape. AMEN! I got the prescription for P17 and have to call it in today. I start them at 16w. I am nervous, but everything is so well that I am trying to be confident, even when I am afraid. Dr. Bailey was very happy with what we saw today.

I have yoga tonight, which will be nice. Last week was SO relaxing. Little Alexander and I will get to spend some more Mommy-and-Me time!

Wow... We're having a boy... We're having our second son...
I'm still nervous, but so happy that our little one is doing well.

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Lisa said...

Congratulations on your baby boy!!