Friday, November 22, 2013

Not Abandoned

It's not that I've abandoned this blog, I'm just a really awful blogger.  With a wake up call between 3 and 3:30 and a curtain call, if I'm lucky, by 9pm (not to mention some nursing wake ups in between because of teething), I just don't have the time to devote here like I used to.  After work, it's nonstop Michael time mixed with housework, which is then multiplied times three once I get the twins home from school.  After dinner, I'm cleaning and getting Michael fed and in bed before throwing myself down on a pillow and, frankly, if I have a spare half hour, I'd rather be running (which is also falling by the wayside right now).  I'll get back on track; I'm just busy trying to survive right now.

There's a lot going on.  The kids are all healthy, thank God.  Michael is now 20 weeks old (where is the time going!).  He's rolling and can roll back to front; he's almost got it front to back.  He knows 3 signs (mom, dad, milk) and Peter & I both are sure we heard the first mumblings of "mamamamam" which, since the kids said "dada" first, I'm going to take! :)  This weekend, I'll be pulling his 9 month clothes down and boxing up the 6 month stuff because we aren't expecting flooding anytime soon (this kid is, for sure, his father's son... TALL!)  Maya suddenly blossomed into a teenager or, at least, her attitude did.  God, give me strength.  I love this girl but boy is she a version of me! Help us!  Bobby has been struggling in school because his aide wasn't in; we're trying to get that squared away and prayers for the entire situation would be so greatly appreciated.

Okay, Michael's up from his nap! Back to work!

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Anonymous said...

I was just thinking this morning that I hadn't seen any Michael-updates recently.

Glad to hear everything is going well!