Friday, December 31, 2010

The Thank You Note

I grew up believing that you write thank you notes when you receive a gift.  You will usually find me, a day or two after a gift is received, sitting at the table, writing a thank you note and  trying to  convey to the giver just how I will use (or have used) their gift or how I will spend the money/giftcard they have so generously given.  The thank you's for the kids' Christmas gifts were mailed yesterday.  My wedding thank you's went out the day after our weekend honeymoon ended...  It's something you can set your watch by; you'll get a thank you from our family and it will be quickly.  It's the way I am.

However, the one person who doesn't get the pen and paper treatment is Peter.  I say thank you, but he doesnt get a handwritten note, perhaps because I know he will see me wearing the earrings or whatever it is he has given.  He will see, first hand, the joy that I have from his thoughtfulness.

But this year... As I end this year, I want it to be different.  And, because a handwritten note might be lost in the shuffle, I'm putting it here... For him to see whenever he may stumble across in his readings.

Thank you, Peter.  Thank you for so much that money can't buy.  And for the things you choose to buy with it.

Thank you for never complaining that $47/month comes out of our account for my YMCA membership.  Thank you for not counting whether I go 3/week in a given month or not at all because I was able to run outside (or just didnt feel like going).

Thank you for giving me a gift certificate to my favorite running store.  For "giving" me a new watch, a reflective vest, and a headband (the things I purchased with the gift certificate).  Thank you for understanding that running shoes have a shorter-than-average lifespan (about 6 months for the type of running I do) and not giving me a hard time for buying new shoes to protect my feet and ankles.

Thank you for supporting my dietary lifestyle change.  Thank you for commenting on how good meals taste, even when I've substituted traditional ingredients to lower calories.  Thank you for snacking on 100 calorie packs with me.  Thank you for being willing to try my baked goods when I replace sugar and for, own your own and without request from me, making the most delicious chocolate chip cookies ever with whole wheat and coconut flours.  Thank you for thinking of me and, when purchasing bread for dinner the other night, choosing the 100 calories "thin" buns versus bigger, more caloric buns.

Thank you for encouraging me to go to the gym and for runs, even when you are tired and would rather not be on "baby duty" alone.  Thank you for seeing my being gone to exercise not as me "leaving" you but instead as you getting to keep me for the long run.  Thank you for caring less about the size of my ass and more about the health of my heart.  Thank you for telling me, even at my heaviest, that I was beautiful- and for meaning it. Thank you for never judging me by my pants size and instead by how tight you could hug me.  Thank you for commenting on how I'm dropping weight (and clothes sizes) and for being as excited as I am when I tell you the new number on the scale.

Thank you for being on the other end of the phone when I am about to meltdown and want to eat the entire candy shelf at the supermarket.  Thank you for not judging me and just listening.  For realizing that there is nothing to "fix" or no advice needed, just your shoulder and your ear.  For saying "It's okay" and "I know you can do this".  For believing that I am strong, and for making me believe it too.

Thank you for supporting my newfound love of races- and for participating with me and with us as a family.  Thank you for encouraging me to sign up for whichever causes/races are important to me, and for never thinking I wont be able to do it.  Thank you for saying "I know you can" when I told you that I want to run 2 half marathons in 2011, both of which will take me out of town and away from you and the kids.

Thank you for telling me that you wanted to surprise me with a special gift when I hit my first weight goal, but that you werent sure if going out to dinner would be a good idea.  Thank you for remembering that goal and for wanting to celebrate it as an achievement.  Thank you for putting thought into a special evening for us, just because I'm getting healthier.

Thank you for believing that I'm not doing this as a means to an end, but that I've made a lifestyle change.  Thank you for believing that, in doing that, WE have made a healthier lifestyle change.  Thank you for being a part of it and not a spectator.

Thank you for loving me and for caring, for wanting my dreams for me and for making them happen with me.  For all that we were and all that we are and all that we will be tomorrow.  I may not give you a note every time- or any time- you do something worthy of a "thank you" but know that I am thankful for you every second of every single day.  You are more than a good husband or father; your are truly a remarkable human being.  And I love you so very much.  So very, very much.

Maya and I, as I end 2010 about 31 pounds lighter


Jen said...

Your hubby sounds awesome and congrats on the 31 pounds! Yay!

Sarah said...

Thank you Peter, for being a great friend, and for supporting Michele so she can support the rest of us. :)

one-hit_wonder said...

peter sounds terrific. great post - another good title would be 'the long run!'

congratulations on the weight loss! way to go.

hope you're doing ok today.

Reba said...

you look awesome!!! here's to all our wonderful hubbies :)

Catherine W said...

You look absolutely wonderful. You have an amazing husband (and he is equally lucky to have YOU as a wife!)

Terri Jones said...

Awesome post. 31 pounds! I'm so proud. You're doing a wonderful job. I know things are tough; you & Peter are amazing people and you will get through it all together. What are your 2011 half marathons? Does one of them bring you back here, per chance?