Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bobby and Maya’s 15 Month Evaluation

Prior to their development assessment and at routine times, I usually put together how the kids are doing.  It saves a lot of questions and also gives me a place of "hey, this is going on", where I might otherwise forget.  For 15 months, the following is what I've put together.  I'm sure there is stuff I've forgotten, but I've got to record stuff somewhere!  At their appointment yesterday, the doctor pronounced them perfect and told us that we are addressing Bobby's behaviorial issues in an age appropriate and positive way (and that, thankfully) he will grow out of it soon!!!) :) Both kids are on target for their birth age of 15 months and, although Maya is in the bottom of her birth age percentile in weight, both are on the birth age charts (Bobby's height was 95th!!!).  So, all in all... A great appointment, even if the kids did get 2 booster shots (DPT and HIB).  They have their developmental assessment next week, so we'll see how that goes!

Bobby’s Statistics (as of 12/21/10 check-up)
height: 33.75 in.                
weight: 27 lbs.                   
head circumference: 19.5”

Maya’s Statistics (as of 12/21/10 check-up)
height: 29 in.                      
weight: 19 lbs.                   
head circumference: 18.25”

Standard Eating Schedule
Breakfast: eggs and toast -or- fruit, breakfast bar, maple corn puffs, water (self-feed)
8oz. bottle of milk before a.m. nap (60-90 min)   
beginning Jan. 2011, bottle to be replaced by straw cup
Lunch: cheese or veggie corn puffs, fruit cup (half), string cheese (half), water or juice (self-feed); fruit & vegetable baby food, yogurt (spoon-fed)

8oz. bottle of milk before p.m. nap (60-90 min)   
beginning Jan. 2011, bottle to be replaced by straw cup­
Dinner: cheese or veggie corn puffs, roll, vegetables, water or juice (self-feed); vegetable baby food, custard baby food (spoon-fed)
8oz. bottle of milk with one scoop of rice cereal before bed
  • Bobby and Maya will both hold spoons and sporks, however, their primary eating tools are their fingers
  • Bobby and Maya drink their juice and water from either Camelback Bite-Valve bottles or straw cups

General Notes:
A typical day begins at 6:30-8am with playtime.  Breakfast is normally 8:30-10am, depending on when the children wake up and begin showing “hungry signs”.  Morning nap follows about 90 minutes after breakfast.  During this time, the children have 15-20 minutes of schooling (shapes, colors, letters, numbers), watch an educational program, and play.  After their nap, they play together for 15-30 minutes, until they begin showing “hungry signs”.  After lunch, Bobby and Maya have 15-20 minutes of schooling, watch an educational or religious cartoon, and play.  We may have a visitor, do errands, or visit the library or park (in good weather) during the early afternoon.  Afternoon nap typically begins between 3-4pm and lasts an hour to an hour and a half.  When the children wake, they play, have 15-20 minutes of schooling, and watch an educational cartoon, before their father returns from work (when he plays with them).  We have dinner at the table as a family, and the children eat whatever we are eating (cut into smaller pieces) 90% of the time.  Bobby and Maya attend church services on the weekend, attend 1-2 playgroups a month (weather and health of other participants permitting), and go to restaurants once-twice per month.  Once a week, they visit their grandparents for 5-6 hours.  Bobby and Maya both walk and run, and they sleep in their own beds in their own rooms.  They will, on occasion, help put toys away when directed and shown what to do.    Both enjoy playing on the piano and try to mimic whenever a person plays the keys.  They will both go to the piano to play and sing when no one is playing on it.

Personal Hygiene
Bobby and Maya take baths once per day.  They enjoy bathtime and play for 15 minutes before they are bathed and removed from the tub.  They sit in bath chairs and are in the tub together.  They are both still in diapers (size 5).  Bobby has started patting his bottom when he has a bowel movement, however, no steps to potty train have been started for either child.

Discipline and Behavioral Issues
Overall, both children are well behaved, however Maya is the more laid back of the two.  Bobby will pull hair for no known reason or will pull/push Maya in order to take a toy away from her that he wants.  Maya rarely fights back or tries to take a toy from Bobby, although she will try to manipulate a toy from him (i.e. when he picks up a toy she wants, she will pick up one of his favorites and parade it around until he drops the toy she wants so that she can drop his toy and get hers).  To deal with Bobby’s hair pulling, etc, we have tried smacking his hand and saying “No”, although this did not seem to help.  Our current discipline includes removing him from the situation and forcing him to sit or lay on the floor near us for a preset period of time (30 seconds-1 minute).  After the 3rd offense where this is not working, he is placed in time out in his room.  We talk to him as we take him to his room, explaining the situation and why he is going to time out.  He stays in his room for 1 minute, 2 minutes, or 3 minutes (4th, 5th, 6th offense).  We haven’t had to go beyond 3 minutes thus far.  Maya has been to time out one time for pushing Bobby.  She showed no response to time out and hasn’t been back.  Bobby hasn’t been to time since 12/15 and seems to be moving away from the behavior after the 2nd or 3rd time.    Maya has exhibited some behavior that appears to be a type of masturbation.  She will take a toy and lay it underneath her and roll around on it for several minutes.  Then, she gets up and goes back about her business.  For a while, she was doing this several times a day.  Now, she does it perhaps once-twice a day.  Maya also enjoys chewing on her board books.  When told “No”, she will stop, but after an hour or so, will usually try again.

Verbal Communication
In addition to many non-verbal forms of communication, the children both communicate to their parents and each other.  When they are told it is time for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they both will walk to the kitchen gate and, once inside, to their chairs.  When told it is time to be changed in X’s room, they will both go to the appropriate room.  When told “No”, they stop their behavior and look in the direction of the parent talking.  (Maya will stop the behavior; Bobby will usually go back to it and needs to be told multiple times.)  When they want to be held, they both can say “Up” and when they want to get down, they can both say “Down”.  When he is thirsty, Bobby will say “Drink”.  Both will tap their trays when they want more food and Maya will smack her lips when she is thirsty.  Maya will routinely mimic what is being said to her.  She will say several sentences based on what is going on.  Some favorites are “It’s raining” and “I did it”.  Bobby will echo a version of “I love you” when he is told that (usually a few times); he also routinely says “I’m done.”  He will also say “again” if you are singing to him or doing something that he likes.  The children routinely communicate to each other in verbal tones that we, as of yet, do not understand.  They also will communicate to us their needs in a way that leads us to believe stronger language skills are on the horizon.  


Jill said...

What a great way to see their growth and changes!

Jill said...

What a great way to see their growth and changes!

Reba said...

what a neat assessment of how they're both doing. sounds like they're doing great. i'm sure bobby's hair-pulling is just a phase and will go away on its own. what good kids they both are.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Great update, they are both doing so well and your doing an excellent job with them. Have a blessed Christmas. ((HUGS))

MrsSpock said...

Wow, I have a skinny toddler- J is the same weight as Bobby!