Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nadya is home!

I received this email from Nadya's mother.  Thank you all for keeping this family in your thoughts and prayers!!!

Praise God with us!  Nadya came home Wednesday afternoon.  We do have a home monitor for now, which helps put us at ease.  At this point the alarms have been high heart rate when she is crying or loose leads.  We are adjusting to each other and time schedules.  At her pediatricians appointment Thursday, she weighed 6 lbs, 7 ozs.  She will have a follow-up Thursday, March 25 to make sure she is gaining weight and eating well.  Also on March 25, she will have a follow-up with the eye doctor.  So far, all of her eye exams were good.  May 5 is a follow up appointment with the Neonatal Associates who took care of her for 78 days!  God has richly blessed us with her life and  Nadya had few complications.  We know that was due to the hand of God through all of your prayers and the great nurses He gave to take care of her and us during that time.  As the day was approaching that she might be able to come home, the sadness of not seeing and interacting with those people everyday became more real.  There were conflicts, but isn't there always, especially in stressful times such as this?  Those wonderful women truly care for all the babies in the NICU and their parents!  They were great in teaching us how to take care of Nadya in diapering, feeding, bathing, taking her temperature, dressing, etc.  They would answer our questions or make a note to ask a doctor next time one was around and have the next shift tell us.  It is so nice to have more time at home and not have to drive 30 minutes each way 1-2 times a day to see her and care for her.  Although, we sleep less at night taking care of her, it is good to be home! 


quadmom said...

Yay!! Thanking God! =)

Lisette said...

So happy to hear that Nadya is home now. God bless you.

trennia said...

Praise the Lord!