Tuesday, January 14, 2014

28 Weeks

In Michael's pregnancy, 28 weeks was huge. It was a milestone in pregnancy that I'd never reached. It was the third trimester. It was magical.

Michael is 28 weeks old today. Six and a half calendar months ago, seven moons ago, this beautiful, perfect baby boy was born into the world and life has been made infinitely more beautiful because of that day in early July. At nearly 18 pounds and over two feet tall, he is my biggest kid at six months old and he is just such a snugglebug.

I am happy to say we are still nursing. Michael is a great breastfeeder. I was very worried that my milk would just stop, or that the marathon training or work would cause a decrease, but so far, no issues. I don't pump much so on work mornings (or if I'm not home and he wants to nurse) Peter will make a small, 2oz formula bottle to tide him over (sometimes it requires more than that in a morning). With his three squares, he eats 4-6 oz each (12-18oz/daily) of puree (a variety of fruiy, veg, meat, fish, eggs, yogurt, oats) and totals about 3oz of juice (10ml of juice mixed with 80ml of water). He is constantly trying to steal my coffee (no go yet!) And wants whatever is on my plate (he had some apple pie filling the other day!). He sits at the table with us for meals, and enjoys his spot next to Maya. He also like to pick up his little yogurt melts and puffs. At this point, he maybe gets one in his mouth for every five he attempts. He holds and drinks from his sippy or nurselette.

Michael sits (we don't use a bumbo) and will play in his exersaucer. He loves his playmat. No crawling yet but he will roll EVERYWHERE!!!!

He says maaaaaa and daaaaaaa. He signs mom, dad, milk, and just started more. He imitates the itsy bitsy spider and some Spanish songs (que linde, pon, and tortita). His favorite toy remains his lovey, Turtle. He also loves his travel turtle, which he got on Halloween. So much does he love turtles that I just ordered him the turtle wubbanub (he HATES pacifiers, so I don't know about this...)

He is such a chill little guy. His only unhappiness comes in his car seat or when he is hungry. He loves snuggling and it's a good thing we cosleep and nurse all-night.

I can't believe we only have 24 weeks until his first birthday. Michael is growing up so fast.

(Check out my Facebook page for pictures... I have yet to figure out uploading pics via the tablet.)

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