Thursday, July 11, 2013

The First Week (plus 2)

Here we are, a week plus 2 days since Michael's birth.  Things are good.  Busy, but good. 

Bobby and Maya love camp.  They go 3 mornings a week for 3 hours each, and are really enjoying it.  Maya is actually having a harder time adjusting; we aren't sure if it is because she is okay leaving Peter but not okay with him leaving her (at their school, they are dropped off and the parents never leave the car; at camp, parents walk the kids in) or if it is that she doesn't like being away from Michael.  This kid is a mini-mommy.  If she can do it, she will and, if she cant, she wants to (and may just harass you into letting her try).

Michael is a dear little guy.  He's quite laid back, enjoys his snuggles, nurses really well, and is a champion of a sleeper.  Our pediatrician told us to not wake him up at night.  She wants him eating at least every 3 hours during the day (he's currently on the every 2 hour schedule, and just now, ate an hour apart... guess he was hungry), but, at night, to just let him sleep until he wakes to eat.  So, at night, we've had as short as a 2 hour stint (once) and as long as a 6 hour stint.  For the most part, he goes around 4-5 hours.  Peter does the first "night" feeding on his own, although I end up getting up and pumping (to make sure we have food for that night feeding!); he's been putting Bobby and Maya to bed, then playing online for a bit, then coming up when Michael wakes up and going to bed after that feed.  It's nice knowing there is some back up. :)

Speaking of back up, rather than have Peter use his full paternity and vacation all at once, we've opted to have him go back to work.  (I still cant believe that...).  This week, he's using his paternity leave, and then, instead of his remaining 3 weeks of vacation, we'd like to save 1 week of it for the week between Christmas and New Year's, so that leaves us with 2 weeks.  He'll keep Mondays off for the summer, and then use the remaining time to work shorter days as needed.  The kids visit his parents on Wednesdays, then they have camp Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays; when they come home, we hang out for an hour before lunch and nap.  They are sleeping now; I think I might just be able to handle this... We shall see!

I'm tired.  I feel like I want to nap (around this time, actually) but that makes it harder for me to fall asleep when Michael does at night, which is what I want.  He's been going down for the night between 8pm-9pm, and my goal is to turn in with him.  It's the best way for me to get a solid night's sleep.

I created Michael's birth announcements/christening invitations today.  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. :)
Birth Announcement

Christening Invite (I redacted our address/contact info for the blog)

On a really great note, my recovery is a breeze.  It reminds me so much of the TAC recovery; I cant even compare it to my former C-section.  I haven't taken any pain medication since day 2 in the hospital, which means I can do local driving (full driving is restored come next Tuesday).  And, while people think I'm nuts, I've been cleared for cardio come next Tuesday (2 weeks postpartum).  It will be a slow re-entry into the world of running, I'm sure, but I can't wait.  I've debated going now.  I keep telling myself that another week of walking is going to be good for me and that it's better to not rush it.  (But I love running, like really LOVE it, so this is quite the struggle, when I feel like I could be out there doing it, albeit slowly doing it.)  I have my postpartum appointment on the 31st (4 weeks PP), at which time I'm hoping to be cleared for yoga.  My uterus, based on my feeling of it, is just about normal and the swelling near the incision has dissipated.  I can feel the scar tissue forming under the skin and the internal swelling around the incision and stitching, so I've been doing light belly massage to facilitate healing.  Other than when I get up from bed after hours of not moving, there isn't really "pain" (and that pain is brief).  I am able to hold Bobby and Maya (alone, not together) and, while I haven't been doing that long term, it is nice to be able to snuggle them and carry them for short distances again.  But, like I said, this is a breeze compared to their c/s. 
3 days postpartum: discharge day

9 days postpartum: today
From a weight perspective, I think it will take getting back to watching calories + 500 calories (for breastfeeding) and running, but I'm not that worried about it.  It'll happen.

Well, just fed the bambino for the 4th time in a 5 hour span. I guess he decided he was really hungry this afternoon!  I'm meeting a friend for coffee tonight, so I think I might try to sneak in a short rest (dare I say nap, when I know it would make it impossible for me to sleep tonight???)... or maybe I'll clean the kitchen.  Yeah, probably that one...


Dana said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and Michael is a beautiful baby. I didn't realize that he was named after two precious children who passed away too soon. It is so nice that you did that and must mean a lot to their parents/relatives. I'm going to go and read his birth story, but just had to write right away. So happy for you!

Stace said...

You'll be able to handle it with the three! You'll be in a groove before you know it. H still eats that frequently and he's four months! ;). In the beginning I was using a feeding app to track times and aides and I was feeding 8+ hours a day for the first month or so, so it was definitely harder for the kiddos then but once thing level out it just falls in to place. Good luck with the running! I wish I loved to run!