Monday, April 9, 2012


Well, haul out the cake and ice cream.  If you didnt know that I was a talker before, I guess this proves it.  Over 3 years and almost 8 months, I've published a whopping one thousand posts.

I started this blog on August 25, 2008 and now, as of April 9, 2012, I've hit the big 1K mark with posts.  Some have been funny, some heartbreaking, and some completely pointless, but regardless, the things I've written have defined a fair chunk of my adult life and virtually my entire motherhood.  It's been a place of refuge in grief and a place of hope when I didnt think I could go any further.  The people I've met here have become friends and I'm a better person for this space and the journeys I've come into contact with because of it.

So, have a piece of cake (or, better yet, lace up your shoes and go for a run around the block!), and let's enjoy this momentous ocassion!  Here's to the next thousand!


Queenie. . . said...

Congrat's on the milestone!

When I saw the title, I thought you meant a race, and my first thought was "I KNOW she can run further than 1K!"

Terri Jones said...

Congrats on the 1k!

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Wow, congrats on 1000!

Just like Queenie, my first thought was that you were announcing a new race. :)