Monday, June 13, 2011

Unplugged...On Purpose

I havent posted in what feels like forever.  In the beginning, it was because my laptop decided to turn fickle.  At first, it locked up in different applications.  Then, it refused to log onto the Internet, regardless of the browser I was using.  This last weekend, Peter finally completed wiping the entire thing clean and reinstalling software.  I still dont have a lot of my files reinstalled, but I can get online again using IE (I'm a Chrome girl, so this is a big deal, LOL). 

I was ticked off at the start.  I'm connected to this thing- like really connected.  Like bordering-on-addiction connected.  I was the girl who returned emails practically instantaneously if possible.  Not having access to my computer gave me quite a bit of eye openers.  And the biggest thing it showed me was that I like being unplugged.  Really. 

I've got a fair amount of hippie in me and not having the constant connection gave me the gift of time.  Time to better spend with the kids.  Time to better focus on hobbies that didnt include web browsing, blog reading, or chatting.

I've missed it, too- dont get me wrong!  I've missed the virtual friendships and hearing what is going on in everyone's lives.  I've missed the FB updates (and thank you for all the birthday wishes!  I had thousands of emails over 2 weeks to week through and almost 200 were either FB wall posts or FB emails wishing me a happy birthday!!) and what's going on with friends.  And I've gained a few pounds over my birthday and with not logging in to log.  (Not anything major, but I'm not hitting my goal by the end of the month!)  So there were definitely drawbacks too.

But I think, for right now, unplugging is the best thing for me- voluntarily of course.  There's been so much stress in our house as we get ready for Michael's arrival and as the kids get more active and involved in homeschooling.  So, I dont know when you'll see me.  When I get the urge, I'll pop on, but it wont be the way it was- at least not right now.  I want to enjoy my Donna Reed lifestyle for a while and part of that is dropping the IV connection to my laptop.

But, I'll leave you with some happy updates that I was unable to share.

-I had a WONDERFUL day with my neice as we celebrated her Confirmation.  We shopped, had tea, went to Mass at the Shrine dedicated to her patron, and finished it off with dinner and frozen yogurt.  It was awesome!

-May and June have been the time of girl time for me.  After L's Confirmation celebration, 2 of my very dearest friends and I had a girls day over Memorial Day.  Again, AWESOME time.  The conversation, the drinks, the food, just the hanging out.  Peter got to enjoy and entire Daddy Day and we just had a blast. 

-For my birthday, Sarah and I spent the day hanging out and, once again, being ladies of leisure.  My in-laws watched the kids and, after a babies-mommy-aunt sarah run, she and I just hung out and played hooky from real life.  Got pedicures and haircuts.  I discovered pomade (where have you been all my life???).  Peter's mom bought me 2 adorable little dresses for my birthday, one of which is the new anniversary dress.  LOVE THEM!

-Michael's Blessingway was wonderful.  For the entire period, we had about 40 people total stop by for food and good conversation.  It was really lovely.

-Our Anniversary trip is this weekend!  Peter took Friday off and will have some toddlertime while I get a 90 minute massage (this was my Valentine's Day gift that I havent yet cashed in), and then, once they have lunch and go to nap, Peter's mom will be here and we will head out for our anniversary.  We arent do back until Saturday afternoon (we'll see if we can stay away that long... I think there will be some serious kid-missing!).  As sad as I am to leave the kids for an overnight, I'm looking forward to some quality husband/wife time as well.  We need that, especially with another child on the horizon.

-Still training for my half-marathon.  Still living a healthy lifestyle (although the end of May-beginning of June has taught me that I still have a LONG way to go learning wise).  Still relatively happy and hopeful, although I have my days.

I'll log in to update about Michael; he's due to be born on June 28th; please keep your fingers crossed and prayers said for a safe, healthy delivery for birthmom and baby, and keep all of our families in your thoughts during this beautiful and painful time.

Thanks for understanding my need for space...  I'll miss reading all about what is going on in your lives, but I'm sure this self-imposed exile wont last forever. :)


Reba said...

michele, thank you so much for updating. it's so great that you're able to unplug! i don't think i could do it! (or that i'm in a place where i'd want to, but you know wht i mean.)
i wish you all the best with your upcoming transition to a 3-kiddo household. if you need to "talk," without blogging, feel free to drop me a line anytime.


Amy said...

Good for you! I will of course miss your posts, but know just how wonderful it is to unplug for awhile and enjoy all of the extra time that suddenly appears! I keep Michael and his birthmother in my prayers.

20 WEEKS TODAY!!! Whoopee!

Shell said...

I totally understand about your "unplugging". I hope everything goes well at the end of June and continue to enjoy that precious time with your little one's. Be in the present with them and soak it all up! Sending hugs and love your way.

Hillary said...

I've been missing you these past couple of weeks! I'm glad to hear that everything is going great with you guys right now and of course many many prayers for Michael's coming!

Lots of Love!

Ms. J said...

I understand, but I don't have to like it ;o)

Please email me as you can, so I can remain in touch as you make this transition.

Can you send me your mailing address one more time, pretty please?!

Kakunaa said...

I am so sorry I couldn't make it to the Blessingway! I can't wait to hear about Michael when he arrives, and I am sending you all my best!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I think it's a great idea. For a long time now I feel like life was passing me by as I sat at my computer each day. Not doing what I should be doing or just sitting down to read a book. It is definitely an addiction. I am on a 3 week trip in Europe and only reading a few random blogs and I feel free. If I don't take advantage of where I am and see everything I would be a fool. Take time to smell the roses. Can't wait to hear about Michael and keeping all of you in my prayers.

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Best wishes for Michael's safe arrival into the world.

Have a wonderful anniversary trip!

Barb said...

Things sound great!

kcoleman said...

Prayers continue for Michael and both families.
Enjoy the time with your sweet family. I have missed your blogging, but family is much more important.