Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birth Certificate Updates

So, just when Peter was ready to call the birth certificate office at the hospital every day (not to mention the fact that I'd already drafted the letter I was going to send to the CEO of the hospital), they called him back today. They have our paperwork, they just hadn't sent it to the state! They assured him today that it would be sent and that we should receive birth certificates (and then, of course, SS cards).

I feel relieved, but then, at the same time, I feel more frustrated. I thought that the paperwork would be sent in February/March, when they said they would initially. I realize we have a special situation and that, maybe, things didn't move along as quickly as normal, but come on. We are coming upon my son's 7 month birthday! I just feel... I don't know. Why should I believe they will do it now??? But, I'm trying to think positive. The woman spoke with Peter and said she was going to do it today. That's all we can hope for. I know they say they will come in 8-12 weeks, but if I don't have something in 4, I'll ask Peter to call back, just to make sure they did, indeed, send it.

But, at least in this, we have a quasi-positive response. I will remember each second forever; I don't need a birth certificate to remind me that Nicholas and Sophia were born and lived, even if for shorter than I'd imaged and dreamed. I just want others to know that too.

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